Our Services

Media Buying

Blue Cake offers our partners limitless opportunities to increase market share and attract clients through advanced social media marketing strategies. We are experts when it comes to creating and managing campaigns across the most popular social media networks, thanks to our deep understanding of both the technical and creative aspects. Whether you are looking at sustainably growing your fan-base or prefer a specific acquisition model, Blue Cake is happy to go the extra mile in achieving your targets.

Our social media team specializes in attracting various demographics over a wide range of networks and platforms – we can engage with a relevant audience through attractive creatives within fully-functional marketing funnels. The sole aim is to drive as much high-quality traffic towards your brand through both inbound and outbound advertising tactics.

Lead Generation

When it comes to controlled, measurable efforts, Blue Cake takes great pride in the results we achieve in generating promising leads for your services and products. We utilize advanced, yet proven software tools to monitor and track campaign performance, while at the same time produce detailed reports, which help you learn where our efforts achieve goals and where adjustments are necessary. Our methods to generate leads through CPC, CPM, CPL and custom models.

Blue Cake partners with high-performing reputable affiliate networks and agents, who are always upfront when it comes to costs for leads and acquisitions and never shy way from pushing hard to market your venture to the widest possible audience and target groups. We also keep a database of potential clients and frequently can offer a turn-key solution to how you can acquire those all-important leads efficiently.

Content Marketing

One the most productive ways to grow your business is through organic online search, where Content Marketing plays a paramount role. Blue Cake partners with extremely talented and experienced creative writers, who can produce high-quality, engaging content in various formats. No matter if you need dedicated blog articles, social media posts, e-mail marketing content or simply want to enhance your website with more text, Blue Cake is able to assist.

Moreover, we always pay close attention to the latest trends in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, where you can really see how far quality content can go in terms of increasing your retention rates. Our commitment helps perform with minimal supervision and guidance, while at the same time we always have quality as a top priority.

Campaign Management

With all the different strategies and methods in the digital marketing industry, management is vital to achieve sufficient performance, so Blue Cake is offering assistance with our Campaign Management service. This solution is designed to aid and enhance your marketing operations and workflows by allowing you to schedule and execute campaigns automatically. E-mail and social media advertising are the natural candidates, where Campaign Management can boost your sales and user base engagement.

This feature will also help you understand better your potential clients and which campaigns deliver the best conversion rates, so you can focus more on those aspects and target prospective clients more intensely. With Campaign Management you also create a valuable database of customer relations, which can be used to automate your campaigns anytime a service is updated or a new product of your brand is going to market.

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